City Beautification & Tree Board


The DeFuniak Springs Beautification and Tree Board is comprised of five (5) members appointed by the DeFuniak Springs City Council.

Current members include:

  • Mike Goodchild
  • Don Harrison
  • Daniel Leonard
  • Dan Owens


The meetings for the DeFuniak Springs Beautification and Tree Board are held bi-monthly (odd calendar

months) at 11 a.m. The meetings are held in the DeFuniak Springs City Hall Council Chambers located at

71 U.S. Hwy. 90 West, DeFuniak Springs, Florida. The public is invited to attend these meetings.

Meeting Minutes


The duties of the DeFuniak Springs Beautification and Tree Board are as follows:

(1) Conduct surveys and studies of the present condition of all plant life on city properties, rights-of-way
and other areas, as the board may determine appropriate;

(2) Inform itself of the location of utility lines, above and underground, along street rights-of-way;

(3) Set forth a long-range plan for tree planting and city beautification; 

(4) Determine the annual needs (annual community forestry plan) to be implemented with
recommendations of the procedures and personnel needed to accomplish same;

(5) Submit to the city council, a recommended budget for the estimated costs of implementing the
community forestry and beautification plans, including, but not limited to, planting of ornamental
trees on public rights-of-way;

(6) To cooperate with private property owners in obtaining ornamental plantings and the proper procedures for planting and maintaining same;

(7) To inform the public, through civic clubs and other organizations, of the needs of citizen and
organization participation in tree planting and care and city beautification;

(8) Organize an Arbor Day observance ceremony or event and propose a proclamation for city council
approval and declaration; and

(9) In general, to make periodic reports and recommendations to the city council, concerning the aforesaid.

Tree Dedication/Donation Policy