LakeFest 2018 Marketing Grant

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This page is designed to provide information regarding income and expenses pertaining to LakeFest 2018, a city-hosted event held on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19 in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Marketing expenses were paid from a $10,000 grant from Visit South Walton, $5,000 of which was in-kind, and $5,000 cash to reimburse the City for purchasing promotional items used during the event.

Since the City also collected sponsorship and in-kind gifts for this event from other sources, the following information is a breakdown of all income and expenses for LakeFest 2018.  

The City budgeted $16,898 for this event.  Thanks to financial and in-kind contributions, very little of the City's funds were used in FY 2017/2018.

BUDGETED:  $16,898.00

INCOME:  $21,624.50 ($13,062.50 cash + $8,562.00 in-kind)

Financial Sponsorship$11,738.50
Reimbursements (Cash Prizes)$835.00
Entry Fees for Activities$260.00
Reimbursements (Cash Box)$200.00
Merchandise Sales$29.00
In-Kind (non-cash) Income$8,562.00

 (click here for detailed breakdown of all income)

EXPENSES:  $15,009.85

Promotional Items$5,318.96
Awards for Competitive Activities$1,788.50
Marketing Collateral$1,716.10
Kids Zone$1,710.00
Media Advertising$1,639.00
City Labor$1,537.29
Cash Box for Change$200.00

          (click here for detailed breakdown of all expenditures)