Poker Paddle

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Saturday, May 18, 2019
95 Circle Drive, DeFuniak Springs, Florida  32435
Register by 9:30am
Play 11am-2pm

Register to play Poker Paddle!  $10 entry fee supports Shelter House and the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center.  Bring your own kayak/paddle board and be registered by 9:30 am.  REGISTRATION FORM (pdf)

This will not be a timed event. There will be five buoys placed in the lake with colored flags attached to them. Contestants will paddle to each buoy, remove a flag, and return to a tent with a corresponding colored flag to receive their card. Once they have collected all five cards, they will return to the registration tent for the sixth and final stop. An additional "Wild Card" can be purchased for an additional $5.  


  • Open ONLY to registered paddlers who are 18 years or older.
  • Event can be done using a water craft only.
  • This event is NOT a race; there are no prizes for speed. So slow down and enjoy the lake but make sure to have your card turned in by 2:00 to be eligible to win.
  • There are 5 Stops in no specific order.
  • There will be 1 wildcard stop available for an additional $5
  • At each stop, hand your score card to the tent sponsor and draw a card from the deck provided. Your score card will be marked with an official stamp on the card you draw. SCORE SHEETS MUST BE STAMPED AT EACH STOP TO BE     ELIGIBLE TO WIN. It is your responsibility to double check your score sheet before leaving the sponsor tent to ensure that the card you drew is the correct one stamped.
  • If any card draw is a duplicate of a previously drawn card, that card MUST be re-drawn. No hand can have duplicate cards.
  • You must return your Poker Paddle Score Sheet with at least 5 stamps no later than 2:00 to the registration tent that is located behind the Chautauqua Building
  • Winners will be announced at the Amphitheater at the official Awards ceremony at 2:00
  • Orchestrated by the Walton County Sheriff's Office.  Proceeds benefit the Shelter House of NWFL and the  Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center.