Wastewater System Improvements

an aerial view of a section of a small town with two graphic bubbles indicating a project location


New plans for major development along US Highway 331 South combined with existing century-old sewer lines originally installed for a much smaller community are requiring the City of DeFuniak Springs to acquire loans to rebuild, replace, and upgrade the city’s sewer lines. To accomplish all of these goals, the City has acquired loans and grants through the State Revolving Fund program and seeking additional funding to complete the multi-million dollar upgrade project in various stages (also known as "phases.") The following is a chronological timeline of activities per phase.  Please note that the City is now working on Phase IIA below.

Phase I - complete

The project included the rehabilitation of nine (9) of the City’s existing Lift Stations. This work required by-pass pumping, new pumps, controls, liner system and appurtenances. The project had an additive alternate bid for the rehabilitation of the existing sewer system throughout the City which included up to as much as 86,430 linear feet (LF) of 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch gravity sewer, approximately 2,152 vertical feet of manholes, and approximately 86 point repairs. The project included the survey, design, permitting and construction for Phase I. This phase of the project was substantially complete on April 3, 2018.

Phase II - complete

The proposed project includes replacement and rehabilitation improvements to meet the existing needs of wastewater infrastructure identified to be in poor condition for the City of DeFuniak Springs. Lift Station Sewer Basins 1 and 2 include some of the oldest portions of the City’s wastewater infrastructure and those in need of repair the most. Some of the infrastructure located within these Basins are pre-1950 components. The City has seen excessive sand intrusion and Lift Stations 1 and 2 have to be pumped frequently. The selected improvements will help in preventing further deterioration of existing infrastructure such as lift stations, pumps, etc. and reduce the City’s operation and maintenance costs. Replacement improvements consist of new gravity sewer mains with a diameter of 6” or less, and rehabilitation improvements consist of lining the existing gravity mains and manholes within Lift Station Sewer Basins 1 and 2. Additional improvements proposed to alleviate flow on the already deteriorating Lift Station Sewer Basin 1 and Basin 2 components include the installation of a new force main from the sewer basin south of Interstate 10 (I-10), along an alternative route and to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). This project includes the survey, design, contract administration, and environmental review and permitting for Phase II (both new construction and rehabilitation). This grant was closed in January 2020.

Phase IIA - underway

This project includes the installation of a 650 to 850 gpm wastewater lift station just southeast of the I-10 and US 331 interchange, 11,100 LF of 12-inch PVC / 14-inch HDPE (12” ID) and 6,300 LF of 14-inch PVC / 16-inch HDPE (14” ID). The new force main will extend from the new lift station north to the WWTP. Upgrades include improvements to existing lift stations #1 and #2, and installation of 1,000 LF of 8-inch PVC / 10-inch HDPE force main along Bruce Street to tie-in existing lift station #1 to the new 14-inch force main. This project includes construction and is currently out for bid.

  • August 31, 2020: Anticipated notice to proceed to contractor to begin installation of lift station and force main.
  • August 24, 2020:  Anticipated notice to proceed to contractor to begin installation of lift station and force main.
  • August 5, 2020: Sealed bids to be opened and scored at 2pm (CST).
  • July 23, 2020:  Sealed bids to be opened and scored at 2pm (CST).
  • July 8, 2020: Pre-Bid meeting for contractors interested in submitting a bid to install one proposed lift station and one 12-inch force main from U.S. Hwy 331 at the intersection of I-10 to the City’s wastewater treatment facility.   ADDENDUM 1.   ADDENDUM 2 and Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda. ADDENDUM 3.  ADDENDUM 4.  ADDENDUM 5.  ADDENDUM 6.
  • July 7, 2020:  Community meeting held from 5pm-6pm at the DeFuniak Springs Community Center, 361 North 10th Street for public review and questions regarding future plans.  Media Release issued June 25, 2020.
  • June 22, 2020:  City Council authorizes Mayor to sign the Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad, LLC, Preliminary Engineering and Construction agreement.  Agenda item 12.
  • June 18, 2020:  Ad for construction bids published in NW Florida Daily News.
  • June 11, 2020:  Ad for construction bids published in NW Florida Daily News.
  • June 3, 2020:  Planning study and revised plans sent to State Revolving Fund.
  • May 20, 2020:  Loan application submitted to State Revolving Fund
  • September 9, 2019:  City Council approves loan agreement for sewer rehabilitation and new transmission main through Clean Water State Revolving Fund Design.  Agenda.  Minutes, item 3 "Consent Agenda."

Phase IIB - proposed

The proposed improvement project includes the rehabilitation of approximately 41,180 linear feet (LF) of 8”, 10” and 12” gravity sewer mains and 493 vertical feet (VF) of manholes, replacement of 9,720 LF of all existing gravity mains with a diameter of 6” or less with new PVC pipe and the replacement of 116 VF of manholes. There are 147 manholes located within Lift Station Sewer Basins 1 and 2. Rehabilitation is the most economical way to restore the majority of the poorly conditioned infrastructure as a result of their location underneath existing roads, intersections and other structures. This project includes construction and once Phase IIA Construction as identified above closes, the City will pursue SRF funds for construction of this project.