Other Fees and Discounts

The following information is about other miscellaneous fees and discounts at the DeFuniak Springs (FL) Municipal Airport (54J).  Download the full Rates and Fees Policy here published in January 2020.

Aviation Fuel Cash Discount Program

Based and transient aircraft shall be allowed a cash discount of $0.10/gal. on all aviation fuel purchases.  The discount shall be based on the current fuel posted retail prices.

Corporate Aircraft Association Discount Program

The DeFuniak Springs Airport is a Corporate Aircraft Association (CAA) preferred airport and offers discounts in accordance with the CAA membership program and invoice fuel pricing.

After Hours Fee

Normal hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 8am-4pm.  Closed Sunday and on federal/city holidays.  Should a customer require service outside of normal business hours, DeFuniak Springs Airport staff will accommodate that request with a charge of $30.00 for the call out; and hence $30.00 for every hour after that (rounded to the whole hours.)

Late Fees

For any charges or fees due to the City of DeFuniak Springs, a tenant shall pay a penalty for late or delinquent payments on any past due balance, calculated from the date the amount is due, and calculated month to month, until payment is received by the Airport Staff.  In addition, whenever a bank issued check is presented for rental payment or any fee, and said check is returned to the City of DeFuniak Springs because of insufficient funds, closed account, or other similar reason, the City of DeFuniak Springs shall charge to that person presenting such a check an additional fee of $30.00, plus any an all collection fees.  For any monthly fees due to the City of DeFuniak Springs, the payment must be paid in full, between the first and fourteenth day of the month the payment is due, any payments made on the fifteenth day or after will be charged a 10% late fee.  An additional 10% compounding fee for each following month will be applied until the account is rectified.  If the initial charge and returned check fees are not paid in full after notification to the person or business, the City of DeFuniak Springs has the option to suspend, revoke, or place in default all of the person's permits, agreements, or lease, in force, at that time, according to the terms specified in such contract.

Negotiated Fees

The City of DeFuniak Springs has this established rates and charges schedule for aeronautical activities conducted at the Airport.  However, unusual circumstances may arise even with the most conventional Airport use agreements and such agreements must retain sufficient flexibility in rate and fee negotiation to address such unique circumstances.  Since the primary mission of the Airport is to develop and promote aviation, the airport director reserves the right to negotiate a specific rate or fee to accomplish such mission.  The methodology applied to negotiate fees must be applied consistently and fee difference must be determined quantitatively when practical.  It is important to maintain a fair and equitable rate structure.


  1. The City of DeFuniak Springs reserves the right to periodically conduct a market analysis study to ensure that hangar rents are consistent with the prevailing market rates.  If analysis demonstrates that hangar rents require modification, this will be accomplished during the next hangar adjustment period.  (Being at the start of the City's fiscal year). Such rates shall be charged unless otherwise directed by the City Council.
  2. All airport leases shall included a security deposit equal to one month's rent.
  3. The City of DeFuniak Springs will administer tie down fees fairly, and without unjust discrimination to all users of airport ramp space, regardless of vehicle storage or tenant status.

Download our entire Rates and Fees Policy (January 2020) - PDF