Connection Rates

As of October 1, 2021

The following information are connection rates for water, A.G. meters, sewer, and natural gas in the City of DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

Establishing Existing Service:

An application for service is to be completed to establish service. Proof of ownership is required. When not the owner, a Renters Affidavit is required.
Service Provided
Connect Fee
Water Only
A.G. Meter
Water & Sewer
Sewer Only

Establishing New Service:

Once it is determined service is available by our Public Works Department and corresponding departments have reviewed with the opportunity to assess appropriate fees, the following may be due, along with any other appropriate fees not itemized.  The Planning Department will review and itemize fees due for connections inside the City limits and for all commercial connections.

Rates for Establishing New Service

INSIDE City Limits
OUTSIDE City Limits
3/4" Capacity Fee
1" Capacity Fee $3,331.00
1.5" Capacity Fee
2" Capacity Fee $3,631.00
Sewer Capacity Fee
Gas Tap
Fire Impact
Police Impact
See Above
See Above
Connect Fee
See Above
See Above

All service requiring greater than a 3/4" shall be charged at the applicable amount stated plus the prevailing market rates for all materials and equipment required.

Agricultural Meters: $400.00 for 3/4" Tap. An agricultural meter is installed, in addition to the main water source for the property, for outside water consumption purposes. A Backflow Prevention Device is required to be installed and tested before connection of meter. Agricultural meters are not subject to  sewer charges.