Niches for human cremains are available at Magnolia Cemetery's columbarium located in Block J towards the back of the cemetery. 


  • $515.00 each

Additional Costs

  1. Plaque for exterior when cremains are placed inside.  This cost is between the owner of internment rights and the supplier of the plaque.  Prices may vary based on the supplier chosen by the owner. See "Plaque Specifications" below which the supplier must follow.
  2. $350 permit fee to the contractor hired by the owner to open/close the niche and to place the memorial plaque on exterior door of niche. 

To Secure a Niche

  • Contact cemetery coordinator to schedule an appointment to review available niches. 850-520-8169 or email
  • Credit/debit cards accepted as well as check or cash.
  • Certificate of Internment Rights to the niche(s) will be provided within 10 business days via regular mail

Plaque Specifications

  • Must be 8" x 4’'