Site Cleanup Grant

Site Cleanup Grant




The primary objective of this grant program is to encourage redevelopment and revitalization of residential structures and properties by offering in-kind assistance with junk and debris removal. The overall objective is to stimulate reinvestment in the CRA district by providing owners/tenants with opportunities for site cleanup to preserve or revitalize the homes that create the unique character of the community. This assistance grant is in compliance with the CRA Master Plan Neighborhood Improvement Initiative and the overall goal of eliminating blight within the CRA district [FSS Chapter 163.335] through enhancing the appearance of structures and properties. 

Residential property owners or authorized tenants may qualify for this grant program which may provide, free of charge, a dump trailer or similar container for the removal of non-hazardous, residential household items, and/or debris. The grant program will provide to the awardee a dump trailer or similar container for a period not to exceed 7 days from date of delivery. The grant program is appropriated annually by the CRA Board and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The program is subject to the availability of trailer and resources needed to satisfy delivery/removal. 

Program Rules

The following rules are intended to inform a potential grant applicant of the extent and scope of the program. The desired result will halt deterioration, stabilize property values, improve and upgrade the appearance of the area, and facilitate and encourage redevelopment activity in the CRA district. 

1. The program is for residential properties only. The property owner must be the applicant or have approval from the property owner. Subject property must be the current or planned residency of applicant. Applications for properties delinquent in payment of property taxes will not be accepted. 

2. The program is available only for property located within the CRA District. 

3. Improvements must be consistent with any applicable guidelines and policies as outlined by the CRA Plan. 

4. Eligible improvements for this program include the removal of the following items (this list is not exhaustive): 

• Vegetation/landscaping clippings 

• White goods 

• Construction materials

5. All work must be done in compliance with applicable City of DeFuniak Springs and Walton County Codes and Planning Regulations. All professional work must be performed by a licensed contractor in good standing with the City of DeFuniak Springs and Walton County. Improvements to properties that do not or cannot meet building and safety codes are ineligible. 

6. Historic buildings shall be designed, revitalized, and maintained to complement and accent the original architectural features of the building. 

7. Grant will be authorized exclusively for approved work, approved change orders and only for work that has been performed after being notified of grant approval by the CRA. 

8. Only one (1) Residential Site Cleanup Grant application will be accepted per property, per annual grant cycle. The Residential Site Cleanup Grant Program is only available to applicants that have not received previous grant funding for the same property in the last three (3) years. 

9. Items placed in container must be sorted and not mixed together when they arrive at the landfill (i.e. vegetation/landscaping clippings not mixed with household garbage, etc.). This may require multiple trips within the 7-day period. Consideration of items categorized in the application may be a factor in determining availability of resources and subsequent approval of grant. 

Applicants are reminded that grant awards are discretionary and should not be considered an entitlement. All grant criteria contained herein are guidelines, not guarantees for awards and successful applicants may not be provided with trailer. Should an applicant meet all grant criteria, a grant may or may not be awarded due to funding limitations, competing applications, and/or competing priorities.