CRA Redevelopment Plan

Welcome to the Community Redevelopment Plan for the City of DeFuniak Springs, Florida. This document is the culmination of extensive research, stakeholder engagement, and diligent planning efforts. It is intended to provide a strategic and comprehensive approach to eliminate blight, stimulate economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for all residents of DeFuniak Springs.

DeFuniak Springs is “Everyone’s Hometown,” a city steeped in history and charm, known for its Victorian-era architecture, its vibrant community, and its centerpiece, the perfectly round spring-fed Lake DeFuniak. While the City boasts a rich cultural heritage and unique assets, like many communities, it faces certain challenges such as blighted properties, infrastructure needs, and constrained economic development. These challenges prompted the creation of a Community Redevelopment Agency and the development of this Community Redevelopment Plan.

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) developed this Plan in accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapter 163, Part III — Community Redevelopment, providing the City of DeFuniak Springs with a roadmap for addressing these challenges and revitalizing the Community Redevelopment Area (Area). The objectives outlined in this Plan will guide public and private investments in the Area, aimed at improving public infrastructure, stimulating economic growth, and enhancing the physical environment. The people of DeFuniak Springs have laid a remarkable foundation, creating a vibrant and resilient community through their dedication and collective efforts. This solid groundwork serves as the perfect launchpad for the Community Redevelopment Plan, which aims to build upon and enhance the already impressive achievements of our residents. 

This document details proposed strategies and initiatives, outlining key elements such as land use planning, infrastructure improvements, and economic development initiatives. Each of these elements is integral to achieving our overarching vision of a revitalized, vibrant, and prosperous DeFuniak Springs, while preserving its unique historic charm. 

We acknowledge and value the input of our residents, business owners, and community stakeholders who participated in this planning process. Their perspectives, insights, and shared vision for the future of DeFuniak Springs have shaped this Plan, and their ongoing involvement will be crucial for its successful implementation. Together, we embark on this exciting journey of community redevelopment, aimed at ensuring a bright and thriving future for DeFuniak Springs.

2023 Adopted CRA Redevelopment Plan