CRA Redevelopment Plan

The purpose of the CRA Master Redevelopment Plan is to give guidance to the board of directors throughout the redevelopment process by identifying community priorities, strategic opportunities and economic partners to best execute the CRA goals. The CRA Master Redevelopment Plan is to be a guiding document, used during all aspects of planning, zoning, mapping and construction to ensure a consistent and cohesive layout, look and feel for the city of DeFuniak Springs. The DeFuniak Springs CRA will build heightened commercial activity and interest to grow existing businesses and attract future investment opportunities, increase median salary scores, grow the tax base, and improve the overall quality of life for residents of DeFuniak Springs. The CRA will encourage the development of intellectual and human capital through workforce training programs, educational programs and cooperative business programs. Activities of the CRA will focus on both traditional economic development and newly developing industries and technology. The ultimate accomplishments of this plan are not in the words written, but in the results derived from the actions produced in accordance with the plan. The goal of all work done by the CRA is to build a flourishing commercial and residential district by stimulating private investment in real estate, start-up businesses, industry diversification and by helping eliminate barriers, both public and private, to these positive investment in DeFuniak Springs.

2019 Adopted CRA Redevelopment Plan