Traffic Signals Maintenance


Safety and Preventive Maintenance:

Safety is the top priority. City staff have received training in temporary traffic control and electrical safety.

Preventive maintenance is a key component of a traffic signal management plan, helping to meet the agency’s overall goal of providing good basic service.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance:

·         Reduced frequency and severity of malfunctions

·         Reduced life-cycle cost

·         Extended life of installations

·         Optimized signal operations

·         Reduced agency liability

To reduce liability and maintain signals in good working order, a Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program is recommended.

The following are recommended components of a Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program:

·         Perform routine inspection of traffic signal equipment

·         Take proper safety precautions while performing maintenance.

·         Ensure that signal technicians are equipped with the proper tools and training.

·         Implement a program of maintenance record keeping.

The City of DeFuniak Springs has routine monthly inspections of traffic signals. 

The following items are inspected during a routine inspection:

·         Controller components

·         Cabinet fan and filter

·         Vehicular and pedestrian signal heads

·         Pedestrian push buttons and signs

·         Signal poles and/or mast arms

·         Span wire installations

·         Conduit system and junction boxes

·         Cables

·         Detection systems

·         Overhead street name signs

·         Battery backups

·         Cabinet prints

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