Natural Gas

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The City of DeFuniak Springs, FL provides natural gas to most residents and businesses where main natural gas lines exists.  To activate service:  

  1. Call our Utilities Superintendent, Mr. Randall Holden at (850) 892-8500 ext. 1129 to see if your home or business has a natural gas line in your neighborhood or area. 
  2. If your location has a main gas line within your neighborhood or area, the Utilities Superintendent will then determine if there is a natural gas line already running to your home or business.  If so, the superintendent will then instruct you on what you need to do to pay for and initiate gas service.  If NOT, you cannot take advantage of natural gas services until a time the City installs a main line in your area.
  3. If your location DOES have a line within your neighborhood or area, but the natural gas superintendent determines your property does NOT have a line running to your home or business from that line, he will evaluate and advise of the cost to install a pipe from the main line to your home or business.

CLICK HERE for more information to see our Natural Gas Service Rates  

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  1. Randall Holden

    Utilities Superintendent
    Phone: (850) 892-8500 ext. 1129

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