Public Safety Awareness


Damage Prevention Awareness 

Florida State Law, Chapter 556 in the Florida State Statute requires calling a call center before you dig.

This does not pertain only to businesses. Homeowners putting in pools, clotheslines, mailboxes, flowers, and playground equipment need to also consider that there could be underground lines that could be tapped into. ANY TIME you dig for any reason a call needs to be placed to the City Planning Department at 850-892-8571 to see if a building permit will be required for the job.

Sunshine State One Call of Florida, Inc. can be contacted by dialing 811. The law requires you to call TWO days prior to digging. This will ensure that you do not cut any buried lines. There is no cost for this service. If you need any additional information, you can visit or call the City of DeFuniak Springs Public Works Utilities at 850-892-8500 ext. 1129 to have a Gas Representative come and speak with you and locate any gas lines.

Leak Recognition and Response

What should I do when there is a strong gas odor in the house?


1. Leave the house immediately. Tell others to leave too. 

2. DO NOT make calls from your home. Phones are capable of producing a spark, which could start a fire or explosion. Contact the City of DeFuniak Springs at (850) 892-8500 ext. 1129 from a phone outside and away from your home. 

3. DO NOT light a match or other combustible material. Likewise, DO NOT turn any light switches on or off, and DO NOT plug or unplug electrical appliances such as a television or vacuum cleaner. These activities also can produce a spark that could start a fire or explosion. 

4. Do not re-enter the house until the gas company finds the source of the leak and corrects it.

5. Never try to repair a gas leak yourself.

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Call 811 before you dig or visit the Sunshine 811 website (link This is a free service to help keep DeFuniak Springs safe!

Who is required to notify Sunshine 811?

Anyone who intends to excavate (disturb the surface of the earth) in Florida, unless a specific exemption is listed in s. 556.108, F.S., applies.

I’ve hit a gas line; what do I do now?

Whether there is visible damage or not, you must stop excavating. If lives or property are in danger, call 911 immediately. Then notify the owner of the affected underground facility directly. Excavators and members may access the emergency contact book using Internet Ticket Entry. Others can call Sunshine State One Call at (800) 638 - 4097.


Know the Markers!

Below is the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) guide to the flags or other physical markings mean to guide you before you dig (courtesy of Sunshine 811).

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