Planning and Code Enforcement

How may we help you?

The primary goal of the DeFuniak Springs Planning and Code Enforcement Department is to provide impeccable customer service in assisting our citizens, visitors, and business owners with development efforts and enforcement actions to ensure our community is a desirable place to live and work. We serve as the primary point of contact for these efforts by coordinating with various departments to ensure plans comply with the City regulations contained in documents such as the Comprehensive Plan, the Municipal Code, and the Technical Specifications Manual.

Enhancements to the Online Version of the DeFuniak Springs Municipal Code are now complete and available to the public on the City’s webpage.

The DeFuniak Springs Municipal Code is now available online via Municode. The code is now fully searchable, and enhancements (through MuniCode) make it is much easier to navigate through the document. You can access the code by visiting our Municipal Code website

If you have questions, feel free to contact Planning Department staff by calling 850-892-8571 or emailing . We hope you find this tool as helpful as we do!

Do you know about 811?

You must always call 811 before you dig. It’s the law...and can cost you $500.00 per violation!

Did you know that anyone (homeowner, contractor, etc.) who is performing any project that disturbs the ground in any way MUST get a ticket by calling 811 BEFORE starting the project? Many projects are include in the law, such as installing a new mailbox, having trees cut down, grinding or removing stumps, installing a decorative pond, etc....digging for any reason...there are many, many more types of projects that would cause you to be required to call 811 before getting started.

This law includes both PRIVATE PROPERTY and property in the public right of way. You’re probably asking, "why?" This is because the lines that are in the public right-of-way (gas, water, sewer, electrical, telephone, cable, etc.) also extend onto privately owned property to provide service to the structures on the property. Not only can digging cause damage to the utility lines, it could also cause injury or death.

Plan are required to call 2 full business days before starting your ground disturbing project, and you are required to have the ticket on hand. This is just a tidbit of information you need to know about the Sunshine811 law. For more information, call them by dialing 811 or by visiting Sunshine811’s official website.