Chipley Park (AKA Lake DeFuniak)

Chipley Park is located in historic downtown DeFuniak Springs on Circle Drive.  The park includes one of the two almost perfectly spring fed round lakes in the world with almost 40 acres of water body.  The park also includes over 40 acres of land area which consists of a children's play area, an amphitheater, walking paths, three gazebos, various picnic tables throughout, two 100 ft lighted fishing piers, public restroom facilities, and a boat ramp.  The children areas include a slide, swings, merry-go-rounds, and a sand box. The sidewalk by the water's edge is 9/10 of a mile. Lake DeFuniak is open to boat fishing with electric motors of one (1) horsepower or less.  Also, located inside the park is an open Amphitheater, which holds many local functions throughout the year.  The State of Florida's oldest operating library, which was built in 1886, is located in this park and is still being used for that purpose today.  The Chautauqua Building (A.K.A. Hall of Brotherhood), built in 1909, holds many different types of public and private functions throughout the year.

The buildings associated with this park are:  the Amphitheater (1183 Circle Dr); the Chautauqua Building (A.K.A. Hall of Brotherhood) (95 Circle Dr) and the Walton/DeFuniak Library (3 Circle Dr)

Rules and Regulations


It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or park a vehicle in the lakeyard of Lake DeFuniak except in areas specifically designated by the City Council.


It shall be unlawful for any person to cause any horse to enter Chipley Park.


No person shall swim in Lake DeFuniak except in areas designated by the City Council and at times designated by the Council.


No person shall operate or be in a motorboat in Lake DeFuniak.
The provisions shall not apply to persons in motorboats if such boats have electric motors of one (1) horsepower or less.

Additional rules and regulations:

The City Council may adopt additional rules and regulations regulating the use of Lake DeFuniak and the lakeyard and violations of said rules when properly published shall be considered a violation of the City Code.