General Functions

  • The board of cemetery trustees or their designee shall take and hold in trust for the city, lands conveyed to the board by the city and lands purchased by the board. The board shall have and exercise complete control of the whole of said cemetery, the use, improvement, and beautifying of same and every part thereof, as well as the expenditure of such funds as are hereinafter provided for the board’s use.
  • The board of cemetery trustees or their designee is authorized to purchase, sell, lease or give purchase money mortgages or other security regarding both real and personal property deemed necessary to the proper operation of the cemetery provided, however, the board shall in no way obligate or indebt the city in any manner.
  • The chairman of the board of cemetery trustees or his designee is hereby empowered and authorized to make, execute and deliver in the name of said board conveyances of cemetery burial plots and to execute such documents necessary to convey the same.
  • All persons receiving income or who are authorized to pay out monies of the board of cemetery trustees shall be bonded in an amount set by the city council. All records, documents and books of account of the board shall be subject to inspection by the city council or its designated agent at all times.