When do I need to change my smoke detector batteries?
As of January 1 2015, a new Florida Statute regarding smoke detectors has been set in place. This new directive is aimed at saving more lives by eliminating the need to change smoke detector batteries multiple times throughout the year. New smoke detectors now required by law will have a 10 year battery life. See below for the full Statute;

One-family, two-family dwellings and townhomes undergoing a repair, or a Level 1 alteration, as defined in the Florida Building Code, may use smoke alarms powered by 10-year nonremovable, nonreplaceable batteries in lieu of retrofitting such dwelling with smoke alarms powered by the dwelling’s electrical system. Effective January 1, 2015, a battery-powered smoke alarm that is newly installed or replaces an existing battery-powered smoke alarm must be powered by a nonremovable, nonreplaceable battery that powers the alarm for at least 10 years. The battery requirements of this section do not apply to a fire alarm, smoke detector, smoke alarm, or ancillary component that is electronically connected as a part of a centrally monitored or supervised alarm system. Florida Statute 553.883

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